Our industry

Who are we?

Bochemie is a specialist chemical company that produces a wide range of advanced materials and chemicals. Its products and quality reflect Group’s advanced knowledge and experience developing unique technologies, widely used across multiple industries and critical processes. These range from energy storage, to wood protection, and from steel and special-alloy surface treatment to smart textiles. 

Loyal customers rely on Bochemie Group’s innovation, dependable customer support and loyalty, combined with the ability to recognise the opportunities developing in the various markets. Bochemie’s clients and partners value its innovative and effective reliable solutions which are consistent with a responsible ethical approach to sustainable development and quality of life.

Our strategy

Since the company was founded in 1904 we have for a long time demonstrated our ability to flexibly change and respond to the needs of our customers and society.

We provide effective and beneficial solutions thanks to our experience and knowledge of the chemical industry. By finding smart, efficient and environmentally friendly solutions we not only expect commercial success but, most of all, we want to contribute to the improvement and long-term sustainability of the environment and quality of life.

Our mission
  • Finding new solutions through new technologies and product innovations.

  • Responsible approach to the environment.

  • Providing the most reliable energy storage solutions for companies and industries where reliability and dependability is valued and expected.

  • Finding opportunities for further development in the recycling of used materials and their transformation into products with created added value for our customers.

  • Use the knowledge gained in the traditional areas of our production to provide a long-term benefit to all Bochemie customers and partners.

Our values
    in providing of high-value solutions and shared experience to our customers, while connecting professionals, industries, sectors and solutions

    in relation to customers, employees and business partners

    with all of our activities making a responsible commitment to both environment and society

    towards our customers and suppliers, while always being a reliable and regarded market player
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