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Our Support for Monument Conservation Continues 1. 2. 2021

For the fifth consecutive year, we are supporting monument conservation in the Czech Republic - in 2021, projects by the Czech Institute for Monuments and Culture will continue to count on our support. This non-profit organisation informs, educates and brings together efforts to restore, finance and promote cultural heritage.

Besides our shared belief in the importance of caring for our monuments, we also value the Institute’s status as a social enterprise that employs people whose health conditions make it more difficult to find work.

Our Bochemit-branded impregnation products have been used in restoring the Libušín Chalet in Pustevny, Beskydy Mountains, in the reconstruction of the Historic National Museum Building in Prague and in the replica construction of the Church of the Corpus Christi in Třinec-Guty.

Other monuments and non-monuments treated with Bochemit can be found here.

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